Career Growth Services

Resume Review and Feedback

This service includes a comprehensive review of your resume, providing constructive feedback to enhance its overall quality, content, and effectiveness.
Charges: £50

LinkedIn Profile Review & Optimisation

This service focuses on evaluating and enhancing your LinkedIn profile to ensure it effectively showcases your professional experience and skills, maximizing your online presence.
Charges: £100

Interview Preparation – Mock Interviews & Feedback

This service involves a minimum of two mock interview sessions with detailed feedback to help you improve your interview skills, build confidence, and refine your responses. Minimum Two Sessions - £100, Additional Sessions - £50/ Session

Resume Review & Resume Rewriting

In addition to a thorough review, this service involves rewriting and refining your resume to optimize its impact and alignment with your career goals.
Charges: £150

Resume Rewriting, LinkedIn Profile Optimisation, Cover Letter

This comprehensive package includes rewriting your resume, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and crafting a targeted cover letter to provide a cohesive and compelling professional image.
Charges: £200

Assistance with the UK Job Search

This ongoing service offers support in navigating the UK job market, providing guidance on job search strategies, application processes, and industry-specific insights. Sharing available job opportunities 2-3 times/week.
Charges: £100

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