Words of Encouragement, Affection, and Appreciation

Manisha Manisha Sales Executive

I reached out to Pratyush in order to utilize his expertise in positioning myself better in the job market.His expertise and mentorship played a pivotal role in shaping my professional narrative and positioning me effectively in the job market. From our initial discussions to the final draft, his keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence were evident at every step of the process. His insightful feedback helped me highlight my key strengths, experiences, and achievements in a concise and compelling manner, which undoubtedly contributed to the success of my job search endeavors.Moreover, his willingness to invest time and effort in helping me refine my resume reflects not only on his dedication to his role but also your genuine desire to see me succeed. His encouragement and constructive criticism motivated me to strive for excellence and continuously improve my professional profile.

Ruchita Agrawal Business Analyst

I want to enthusiastically recommend Pratyush as an outstanding career coach. His personalized guidance and insightful advice have played a crucial role in my professional development. Pratyush has a talent for identifying strengths and opportunities and providing practical strategies. Collaborating with him has been transformative, and his expertise is sure to greatly benefit anyone aiming for career advancement.

Karthik Kantharaju MSc in Sustainable engineering offshore renewable energy

Gained lots of knowledge about the current job market. What are the steps to be followed. When our minds are confused, a briefly explained about the online job applying formate and our outlook of profile CV a feedback can change much things and guidance is much helpful for a successful career.Thank for you clarifying and making my vision clear which was clouding of many materials which was not useful.

Aditya Makwana MSc Accounting and Finance

I express my strong endorsement for Pratyush as an exemplary career coach. His tailored guidance and insightful advice have been pivotal in my professional growth. Pratyush excels in identifying strengths and opportunities, offering actionable strategies that yield tangible results. Engaging with him is transformative, and his expertise will greatly benefit anyone seeking career advancement.

Dr. Shubham Masters of Public Health

I am delighted to offer an overwhelming recommendation for Pratyush ji. Over the past six months, I have had the privilege of witnessing his extraordinary contributions to the business community. Pratyush Ji stands out as a remarkable individual, seamlessly blending his roles as a mentor, advisor, counsellor, coach and entrepreneur.His dedication to fostering business ideas is truly commendable. Pratyush ji has not only provided invaluable insights but has also been a guiding force in job mentoring, offering one-to-one counseling that goes beyond the ordinary. His commitment to supporting individual growth is evident in the myriad ways he has impacted the lives of 750 Indians, assisting them in finding meaningful employment and navigating the complexities of digital marketing.One of Pratyush's ji standout qualities is his ability to cater to the unique needs of individuals and businesses alike. From crafting personalized CVs to providing HR solutions for large companies, his services are nothing short of exemplary. I had the pleasure of entrusting Pratyush ji with my own CV, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. The attention to detail, coupled with a keen understanding of market dynamics, sets him apart in the realm of professional services.In addition to his professional prowess, Pratyush ji is a genuinely outstanding human being. His kindness, integrity, and passion for what he does shine through in every interaction. As an entrepreneur, he embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience, making him an invaluable asset to any individual or organization seeking excellence.I wholeheartedly recommend Pratyush ji for his exceptional services. Whether you are looking for guidance in business strategies, job placement, or digital marketing, Pratyush ji is the go-to expert who will not only meet but exceed your expectations. It has been an incredible experience to know and collaborate with Pratyush ji , and I am confident that his impact will continue to inspire and elevate those fortunate enough to cross paths with him.

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Kaushal Singh System Administrator at Tata consultancy Services

I really appreciate Mr Pratyush contribution in Human Resource development. His guidance in Job search in current scenario and skill development is much appreciated have really learned a lot under his guidance.

Nishant Srivastava Project Management Professional

It is a privilege to recommend Pratyush Kumar, a distinguished professional whose work in helping global businesses, entrepreneurs, and job seekers is truly commendable. Pratyush's profound expertise in branding, IT solutions, and digital marketing stands out in the field, making him an asset to any venture or project. What impresses me most about Pratyush is his dedication to growth and innovation. He possesses a unique ability to understand complex challenges and devise strategic solutions that are both creative and effective. His approach is not just about providing services, but about fostering lasting growth and success.Pratyush's background with renowned organizations like S&P Global and HSBC has evidently contributed to his deep understanding of the market dynamics and customer engagement strategies. This experience has honed his ability to navigate and address various industry challenges with ease and efficiency. His influence extends beyond professional boundaries, as evidenced by his strong following of over 13,000, which is a testament to his thought leadership and expertise in the field. Pratyush is not just a consultant or a service provider; he is a partner who genuinely invests in the success of those he works with.I wholeheartedly recommend Pratyush Kumar to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, innovative, and result-oriented professional. His contributions are bound to be an invaluable asset.

Jaysree Roy Technical Assistant , THSTI

I highly recommend Pratyush for his exceptional guidance in my job search. He possesses a deep understanding of the job market, providing invaluable insights on how I can make my LinkedIn profile valuable.Pratyush actively helped selflessly, showcasing a strong Passion and a genuine commitment to help provide a better understanding of the UK job market and a very honest person His dedication, expertise, and positive influence make him a valuable person. I highly recommend Pratyush to everyone who is truly confused and needs a better understanding of the job search in the UK.Best, Jaysree Roy

Shreya Bharti Masters Graduate

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Pratyush Kumar for his incredible help and unwavering support throughout my job search journey. His generous investment of time and valuable feedback has undoubtedly played a crucial role in my pursuit of a better position. In our professional endeavors, having someone like Pratyush, who provides selfless support and guidance, is truly invaluable. I express my sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

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Shweta Kashyap ISTQB® Certified Software Test Analyst

I am delighted to provide a recommendation for Pratyush, whom I recently connected with through Prabisha Consulting. In our discussions, Pratyush demonstrated a highly positive and professional demeanor. His guidance in comprehending the nuances of the UK job market, coupled with insightful tips, do's and don'ts, has proven invaluable in my job search journey. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the proactive efforts of Prabisha Consulting in aiding job seekers.

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DEBJANI KARMAKAR MITRA Senior Business Analyst

Pratyush is really professional and very good with everything he is doing. He guided me with my job search in UK. He helped me understand the UK market and hiring process which helped me to prepare myself and make myself competent for suitable jobs here in UK. Highly Recommended

Naman Jain Data Analyst

I had the pleasure of meeting Pratyush almost a year ago, and I am delighted to write this recommendation for him on LinkedIn. I ama working with him on a Mentor-Mentee program and in the time that I have known him, I have been truly impressed by his dedication, work ethic, and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.Pratyush is nothing short of amazing. His passion for his work and his desire to bring about positive change are evident in everything he does. Whether it's in his professional pursuits or his personal endeavours, he consistently goes above and beyond to make a difference. He is someone who not only sets high standards for himself but also inspires those around him to do the same.I have no doubt that he will continue to achieve great things and positively impact the lives of many. He is not only an exceptional professional but also a wonderful human being. If you have the opportunity to work with or get to know Pratyush, I highly recommend it.

Nathan Pennock CSM, CSSBB, ITIL

Happy to recommend Pratyush! As a strong addition to the Operational Excellence team, Pratyush's contributions kept the team positive and united. His calm demeanor and professional attitude kept our team together and moving forward focused on our tasks.

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Benita Sen Author

My first association with Pratyush Kumar was in the not-for-profit/voluntary segment. He has a vision of providing quality healthcare to every child. It's a cause I believe in, so I offered to volunteer as a storyteller and donated books for the amazing library he has put up for less privileged children. Those years of watching his organisation gave me the confidence of trusting Prabisha with designing my website, www.benitasen.com. Prabisha's team was thorough and patient and read my mind well. They showed me examples of their work that were most encouraging. The result is a website that reflects my work and me.

Prasenjit (Viji) Maity Consulting

Working with Prabisha Consulting, led by Pratush and his team, has been an absolute pleasure. I am demanding, and the team worked hard to deliver my specifications and needs. I am happy with the service delivery and will continue working with the Professional team.I highly recommend their service offering, and I will recommend them to my peers and professional circle who may be looking for similar services without hesitation.

Sridevi Santhanakrishnan Project Manager , AI Systems

I am just out of a #Careerdiscussion call with Pratyush Kumar. His guidance on elevating the career by connecting with people, building networks, learning & unlearning has thrown light to my vague mind. I cant thank enough for the time he spent for this discussion and insights he provided during this call for self development. I always think Sky is the limit for #learning, but I was not sure where to start being in a new country and new culture. This call has helped me in that. Thanks a lot Pratyush Kumar ji!

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Delin Machamada Vice President - Control Management, Wells Fargo

Pratyush has a very thorough and practical knowledge of process optimisation, and is a very effective trainer and guide. It has always been a pleasure interacting learning, discussing ideas and taking suggestions from him. He has the right mindset to initiate and drive change and leads by example, and the various projects and initiatives that he has led in NT, endorse his efforts and professionalism.

Amrita R Vice President, Sr. Training Consultant, Northern Trust

Pratyush comes across as a dedicated and passionate about work type of person. He usually has a point to make in a discussion type of forum and most of the times it comes as a valid perspective. I worked closely with him during a couple of transitions as a business partner and have seen him set up things from scratch, bringing in a conglomeration of best practices. He's open to having healthy conversations and will usually not mind if someone has a valid/ constructive criticism / disagreement. He prefers to follow the guidelines but at the same time is open to common sense and trying out something out of the rule book. It's been a wonderful learning experience each time I interacted with him / worked with him.

Amitabh Kumar Founder & CEO, LangJobs and LangEcole

Pratyush is a proactive, energetic and result oriented professional with a strong vision, determination, focus and drive to lead and deliver the best out of a team. It was great working and sharing vision with him.

Senthil Murugan Professor at Saveetha Dental College and Hospital

My association with Prabisha and it’s founder Mr.Pratyush is almost 7 years . Since the time of inception, I’m seeing a consistent growth in establishing the network for people seeking professional empowerment and sustainable developments. Being a medical professional, I have been constantly obtaining help from this business grit which really enhancing my career growth through their promotion process which exhibits our work among the common people. Despite all the calamities during the covid war, Prabisha was standing as concrete pillar of support for every victim during the quarantine. In obtaining medical help during the covid period was a great challenge due to lack of transportation and facilities in many places especially in Delhi. Via the social media , Prabisha s tremendous efforts played a major role in overcoming the obstacles during treating the covid patients. Despite being a business organisation, their service motive touched many lives. I wish Prabisha and the the entire team lead by Pratyush a great journey with many glorious outcomes.

Amit Kumar Senior Consultant

Pratyush as a Team manager, has been very well-organized, energetic and prompt at prolem sloving. He is a passsionate leader with excellent interpersonal skills. As a team member, I have always looked forward to him as a mentor. He has all the qualities of a great manager.

Sarala Agarwal Business development Manager

Pratyush is fun to work with, can learn a lot from him, a good teacher & a very good movitator. Have clear concept for whatever he is doing.

Sunil Thekkelayil Transformation Strategist

His structured analytical skills combined with a logical thought process makes him a good Project Manager and an innovative 'Thought Leader'. I sincerely wish him all the very best!

Thyagaraj KT Management and strategy consulting

Pratyush is a very focused and dedicated person. He has a great exposure in project management and tranisiton and has successfully led couple of process migrations in HCL. The good thing about this guy is; he is always ready to do some best practice & knowledge sharing, one such instance is training people in French as and when required in HCL. I appreiciate his energy levels and passoin towards work. I wish him very best and great success in his life.

Deepa Balasubramani Associate Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

Pratyush is a very organized person, it was a pleasure to share different views and work with him as a colleague.

Brian W. Retired

Pratyush is an excellent partner to work with and always has constructive ideas to complete the most complex tasks. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Heather Letts Senior Vice President

Pratyush is a wonderful transition manager. Throughout our six month project our transition team benefited from Pratyush's leadership.

Thayumana sundaram Head of Risk Management

Pratyush as I knew him in HCL Technologies (Deutsche Bank's Back Office Operations in Bangalore) was a dependable colleague who was well aware of his role and responsibilty; was always exceeding the expectations of his immediate superiors; went the extra mile by taking upon himself the task of teaching French to his interested colleagues and a fun person to move with both on and off the office campus.

Brad McGinnis Head, Business Continuity Management

I have worked with Pratyush for well over a year and have found him to be an asset to the Northern Trust. He has been a vital link for me to do my job effectively, and I have come to rely on him countless times to ensure the program I manage is meeting its objective for all parties involved. He appears to be well versed at his job responsibilities and very well organized. Through my program he deals with all levels of managment and has shown the same level of professionalism and respect to all. I enjoy working with Pratyush and look forward to his continued support.

Maneesh Srivastava Business Analyst

Intelligent, Focused, Shap and Result Oriented that is how I would like to describe Pratyush. He is People's man, has a tremendous quality of maintaining relationship beautifully. He is a very good Transition Manager, he gets things done like a charm. I have a joyfull journey of 5 months during working in Transition Management Academy with Pratyush.

Leslie Khan Citizenship By Investment

Pratyush is an effective manager with good project management skills. He was instrumental in the set up of a large transition team which was effectively responsible for the migration of some 80 transitions while setting up policies and procedures which became globally accepted through out the organization. He has worked with various operational groups and levels of management and his discipline in the field led him to easily conceptualize activities he was new to. Pratyush is a solid performer and I would recommend him to any team.

Sanjeev Tullicherry Director

Pratyush is a very focussed individual. His project management skills addresses all parts of the project in entirety thus displaying an eye for detail. An example was the Transport improvement plan that encompassed efficiency, controls, development, implementation of technology tools and ensuring audit compliance. He is an excellent colleague to work with and an asset to be included in any team.

V V S Murthy Damisetty Sr. Vice President

Pratyush is an excellent project manager, who is focused, has an eye for detail, and ensures completion of project deliverables very efficiently. I have found working with Pratyush as a project manager a very good experience, He ensures to keep sight of the project at both macro and micro level ensuring the overall project and the individual pieces are accomplished and fit perfectly. He is a thorough professional.

Martin Clarke Global Head of Workplace

Pratyush woked on an emergency very complex project for us, and got to grips with the project very quickly, understood the problem, devised a plan to resolve and executed with absolute professionalism, with great teamwork and above all else to very tight timelines. Pratyush would make my team anytime!

Sridhar Byle IT Service Management

Pratyush is a seasoned professional and you would love to interact with him anytime. I have this opportunity to work with him on Transition Risk Management and effective Project Delivery. He displays challenging knowledge on this subject and a very good guide to influence things the right way. A time-bound professional approach and a caring attitude makes him a pleasing man for project management.

Jitin Udyawar Business Analyst

A very cool headed professional, Pratyush blends knowledge with execution quite nicely. Myself and my colleagues in the ISDA documentation group were impressed by his work with the migration team. It is so good to see that he has consciously built on his areas of specialization and achieved lots of milestones. Really well done!

Marlin Arnholz Retired Experienced Vendor Risk

Pratyush is a member of the Bank's Business Process Transition Risk Management (BPTRM) Control Group. We have recently created and implemented a BPTRM application within the EMC/Archer Governance Risk & Compliance Framework to support our business process transitions. As a key user of this application, Pratyush has been actively involved in the application requirements definition and user testing. His creativity and detail understanding of the business transition process has proven invaluable in working with the team to get this workflow notification application into production as a useful and practical tool for the tracking and approval of the transitioning business processes.

CA.G.Madhusudhan Rao. Former Board member & CFO

I worked with Pratyush while transitioning few finance related business processes from EMEA and APAC regions in to India. What I find interesting is Pratyush is passionate about his job, (though he has been doing it for long) and understands bigger picture first, and starts working on micro details, which is very important. He never lost forest for wood. He had extensively worked on number of transitions at Northern Trust, and he should be proud that all the transitions done have been successfully operationalized and currently all migrated processes are successfully managed. He has taken intiative on his own to bring in six sigma quality culture in to the organization and has been training number of teams to improve the quality of deliverables. On personal side, he is very enthusiastic, always puts up a big smile on his face to make the situation condusive for meaning ful discussions in a meeting. I wish him best.

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