My Journey

Through the highs and lows, twists and turns, my journey has been an exquisite tapestry woven with resilience, self-discovery, and profound transformation, painting a portrait of a life well-lived. With each step forward, I have embraced the unknown, venturing beyond comfort zones and immersing myself in the kaleidoscope of experiences, allowing the world to shape me and leaving footprints of wanderlust on my soul.

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Pratyush Kumar

Co-Founder and Director, Global Sales & Marketing Prabisha Consulting Limited,
London, United Kingdom

Key Responsibilities at Prabisha Consulting Pvt. Ltd.:

  • 22 Years of Professional Experience in IT Solutions, Digital Transformation, BFSI, & Digital Marketing
  • Driving Global Sales, Marketing, PR, and Business Development functions at Prabisha Consulting
  • Expanding Prabisha’s global footprints in the UK, the Middle East, the USA, the Europe and Singapore
  • Servicing to 500+ Clients across the globe
  • Strategic Leadership, Key account management, contract negotiations, and client retention
  • Leading a growing team of phenomenal marketers helping to grow Prabisha’s global presence

Professional Background:

23+ years of professional corporate experience in various senior leadership roles across the world.

  • Director & Country Head, Prabisha Consulting Limited, UK
  • Director, Global Sales & Marketing, Prabisha Consulting Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Director, Global Operational Excellence in S&P Global, UK
  • AVP, Business Development & Migrations, Europe & Latin America in HSBC, UK
  • Second Vice President, Change Management Group, Northern Trust Bank, UK
  • Project Manager, HCL & Deutsche Bank, UK
  • Travelled and Worked across the globe – Australia, Singapore, India, UK, USA, China, Taiwan and France

Social and Networking Engagements:


Founder, Prabisha Start-up Network (PSN)

Pratyush Kumar is the Founder of Prabisha Start-up Network. PSN provides a unique and equitable platform to young start-up leaders who want to make a mark for themselves by starting something on their own. On this platform, start-up leaders are encouraged to express their big ideas, their implementation plans and business challenges. PSN is developing a strong and vibrant global start-up ecosystem for like-minded start-ups and their leaders. PSN team is in the process of planning and launching a number of initiatives which would help start-up leaders gain much-needed visibility in the public domain, which will help them further in meaningful collaboration, fund-raising, networking, business growth and positive image building.


Founder, Global Indians Info. (GII)

GII’s vision is to bring the Global Indian Community together and  to keep India’s culture and heritage alive across the world following the principle of Vasudev Kutumbkam (The Whole World Is Our Family). GII is in a mission to develop a vibrant and user-friendly platform that acts as a single source of all relevant information needed by the Indians on move.


New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre (NDCHRC Trust)

Pratyush Kumar is the Founder and CEO of New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre (NDCHRC), a philanthropic organisation devoted in helping underprivileged children. He is passionate to make Quality and Ethical Healthcare, Affordable and Accessible to All Children and is spearheading this noble initiative ( which is supported by 1000+ Volunteers, 100+Doctors and 1000+Professionals spread across the world. In last 6 years, NDCHRC volunteers have helped 50,000+ children all across India through its various offline and online programs.

Educational Background:

  • Masters in Advertising & Public Relations from the prestigious IIMC, New Delhi
  • An Alumni of renowned Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (Quality Management) from Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
  • Diploma in French Language, Literature and Culture from Alliance Française de Paris

Industry Engagements:

  • Guest of Honour at The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), New Delhi, 2018
  • Guest Lecturer and Interviewer at ICFAI Business School (IBS), Gurugram, Delhi NCR, 2022
  • Recognised by Dept. of International Trade (DIT) – UK and British High Commission, India, 2022-23
  • Supported by London & Partners, London, UK, 2022-23
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